Atheism vs. Christianity

AtheismThis isn’t a new video by any means, but it is something I’d like to address.

There’s a common misunderstanding among theists about atheism. The quote on the right is a good representation of what the average theist thinks atheism is. It’s only a wonder they don’t buy into it.

This of course is not at all what atheists believe. There’s nothing “magically” done according to scientists or any rational thinker. The same however, can not be said for theists. The irony about the quote is that they suggest that something happening “magically” is just stupid, but when God does it, it’s okay.

In the video they talk about the death count from Atheism. They suggest that only 2000 people in the history of mankind were killed in the name of religion and that “it happened a long time ago” (as if that makes a difference).

Now, I could go into the death talley and show how religion wins out on the death toll count many times over, but it’s more than that.

Religion is bad because the ideas are bad. They say, “Hey… don’t worry about messing this life up, there’s another one after this.” They teach that you should spend this life preparing for the next. If you honestly believe that, you have diminished this life. You are NOT living life to it’s fullest.

Religion is a bad idea because it claims to draw it’s morals from this God, This God who (according to their book) believes in all manner of atrocities. When a religious person does something good, it’s to gain favor with this God, not just because it’s a good thing, as Atheists do. They live their life repressed and in servitude. This is no way to live.

Religion is bad because it cheapens the true awesomeness of the world we live in by trying to explain it with man made myths. The biblical story of creation absolutely pales in comparison to the true story of how our universe started.

Does atheism have all the answers to life’s mysteries? No. But neither does religion, despite what it claims.

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  1. BigglesPrime says:

    Anon writes: Hey smart one. Stalin and Mao Zendong were both atheists. They killed millions in the name of communist regimes that were supported by atheism(using the idea that the weak must die so the strong can survive). Even nazism is atheistic. Hitler called himself Christian but the bible says the Jews must remained unharmed. A Christian can't kill 6 million Jews and still be christian.

    Stalin was raised in a seminary until his teens. Mao was as irreligious a statesman as any in history. I have about five biographies of Mao [a mnost interesting character]and only one refers to a religious context in the index. It says nothing of whether he was of any faith but refers to a peripheral matter. No biography attributes atheism to Mao. If he had a religion of sorts it was politics, he was an intensely political animal.

  2. BigglesPrime says:

    Both Stalin and Mao were communists. It was through historical imperatives that communism was branded atheistic. Throughout Europe of the late 19th century [as well as centuries before], religion and the churches was a centre of ultra conservatism allied with the privilege and power of the aristocracy and royalty. Peasant revolts threatened that power and privilege, so as a result the movements were branded godless and anti-establishment and from there communism through a natural historical course became the antithesis of faith and doctrine. When Lenin came to power the church opposed him. When Stalin came to power the churches became more politically active against him so he destroyed what little they had left. Stalin would never have thought of himself as an atheist.

  3. BigglesPrime says:

    Both Stalin and Mao were driven by a similar force that drove other great leaders of history like Napoleon, that messianic drive which filled them with the notion that they were national saviours and that no other was as well qualified to that exalted position as they. They assiduously sought, cultivated and brutally weilded absolute power. They used groups and populations as pawns in vast power struggles, sometimes for the purpose of national survival. Religion and the absence of religion played almost no part in their considerations.

  4. bornslacker says:

    Stalin and Hitler both had mustaches, ergo, mustaches make you a mass murderer!

    Checkmate Atheist!!!

  5. Lelouch says:

    Could someone write me all the names of the persons in the foto??
    Please do it if you know all of them or someone that you think that i do not know.

  6. Lelouch says:

    i do not know the names of the one up in the right and the one up in the left
    Thank you if you reply!!!

  7. Bankrolled says:

    He was very religious indeed, but in a totally different way than you may think.

  8. Captain says:

    Have you done a single thing wrong in your life? Just tiny little thing. Maybe a small lie, a little gossip, some backtalk. Have you harmed someone, whether physically or verbally, ever. If you have (and these are just some examples) then you have doomed yourself as an evil, corrupt fool. You dropped at least one drop of ink into your cup of pure water and so now it is completely spoiled no matter how much more water you put into the cup. You can move all the water into a million gallon container and it would still be ruined. On your own works, you are the equivalent of taking a infants arts/crafts project, smearing it with manure, vomiting on it, and pretending it is something to be proud of.
    That's why Jesus came down 2013-ish years ago and paid the price to get to heaven for us. We don't deserve anything more than hell but for some reason God loved us enough to have his only son -who was perfect in everything-beaten, ripped apart, be run through with nails and a spear, and take the sin of everyone there and who would come later (this was the worst part because it ruined his perfect record, dirtied himself beyond comprehension, and was separated from God/his dad). Now he took on our sin when we accept the truth. He wipes our record clean when we let Him. Christians are not selfish, doing works for ourselves as that is (excuse the language) crap, but we strive to imitate Jesus, who was perfect and did good, to save others from hell (and put them in eternal joy which doesn't seem selfish to me) and so when we die and go to heaven we will hear the ultimate Creator of everything who happens to have an undying/immeasurable love say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

  9. Lee Stanley says:

    You are following the wrong epistemology. Is the bible's trustworthiness a foregone conclusion to you? Then you're beyond help. Otherwise you need to re-examine the evidence, or lack thereof, that this book is really the authority you want it to be. Be willing to consider that there may be no god and no purpose. Or are you too afraid? Dare to face the truth and you'll see it's not that bad.

  10. michael borg acosta says:

    Why dont we humans make a country only for atheist see how advanced they become in only 20 years u know what only 10 years, see how many breakthroughs they have and all the knowledge and scientific advancements they achieve away from religious zealots and inside the box thinkers. I would bet my life on it that this cou try would be at least 50 years advanced from the rest of the world, this is technologically and bilogically speaking of course, they would sky rocket beyond every single country in all branches of science I would put my life on the line on the power of atheism logic and wisdom.

  11. Rosa says:

    Some people confuse the teachings of the bible for their own words.. We are not worthy to judge any body's heart.. being homosexual or a killer or a theif, God said to love every one.. If a killer offered you food when you are hungry, you will take it.. Bill Gates was not a killer, he was an atheist who offered the world his useful products.. this game is not about judging. .its about doing all that we can to let people realize that they were made with a purpose since there had to be a reason for which the universe was created.. Why do you think science can tell you how a baby is formed in the womb, but can't solve the puzzle of how human reasoning begins?.. I will not judge you, I'm pretty sure that you are a very nice person.. You can live peacefully being an atheist and you can also live peacefully being a christian.. the difference is, what if this "profecy" about the returning of jesus really happens?.. just what if.. Can you afford to have your soul lost?.. again, the teachings come from the bible, I already carried the message, it's up to you to analyse and decide how much would it really cost you to be a christian, just incase your soul was to be safe.

  12. Andrew says:

    Very True Brother, Athiest have no Morality whatsoever. The way we can prove that the Bible is true by Fulfilled Prohecies

  13. nameless says:

    Einstein were not an atheist.

  14. christian101 says:

    there is heaps of evidence to disprove lies,sorry evolution. for example…
    the law of cause and effect- what started the big bang theory (Who lit the fuse of the 'big bang')

    Evolution teaches that there are Dryopithecus, Ramapithecus, Australopithecus, Home Erectus, Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis and only then is there the Homo Sapiens but at the present time all there is, and will ever be, is humans a.k.a. Homo Sapiens.

    Evolution, believe it or not, is a FAITH. because there isn't enough and will never be enough evidence to disprove the truth.

    P.S. i am 13 yrs old

  15. Jane says:

    I just have to ask, Truly, How is being an Athiest better, Socially and ethically, than being a Christian? When one lives by their own rules, They judge what is right and what is wrong. One can be lenient with themselves, Allowing themselves to do as they please because they only answer to themselves.

    And if every Thiest converted to Athiesm, Do you truly believe there would not being any more fanatics or extremists?

    Science and logic and common sense are God's gift to his children. Science is not the enemy of Faith, Science is merely the answer to How, And faith the answer to Why.

    Everyone has the right to their beliefs, But an Athiest actively trying to convert others to Athiesm? Why? You have no faith, No answers. But you want to take it away from others that do?

  16. Jane says:

    Matthew 22:14 – Many are called, Few are Chosen.

    A Christian will read the bible and percieve the world with an open heart, An athiest is blinded by their flesh. If you don't open your heart, You will not see. I cannot do that for you, Nor can anyone else.

    Matthew 7:6 – Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

    Meaning, If you have faith, Don't waste your light on those who are blind, For they will never see unless they open their eyes.

  17. Blaire says:

    Education is absolutely fundamental when you begin a debate about Athiesm Vs Theism or Evolution Vs Creationism.

    If you're not educated with both sides of the argument, You're really just a child saying they dislike Carrots, Even though you've never eaten them.

    How can you oppose Christianity say, If you've never read the bible with an open mind?
    How can you oppose Athiesm if you've never experienced doubt in your faith, Or had an open mind and a sympathetic understanding to their arguements?

    If you're athiest, And haven't bothered to read the bible, Then keep your uneducated opinions to yourself.
    If you're christian and unsympathetic or narrow minded, Keep your opinions to yourself.

    If you have an arguement, Bring in facts to it. Don't just say 'the bible contradicts itself' without showing how it does.

    Do not generalise. Do not say, 'Christians cannot be logical', 'Christians are ignorant' Because that makes YOU ignorant.
    We are individuals, We do not all think the same.

    Evolution is a theory, Yes it is. If everything about Evolution was proven then it would no longer be the Theory of Evolution it would just be fact.
    If you don't understand the meaning of theory, Then read a dictionary.

    The bible is NOT the be all and end all of Christianity. It is God's word, A guide through life. It is not all knowing. God is all knowing, God has all the answers, God
    is Christianity, Not the bible. Christian = follower of Christ, not follower of the bible.

    The old testament was written thousands of years ago, In a time when might was right. An eye for an eye. God is not cruel. The bible was written in a time where people
    were savages and barbarians. Of course the bible is going to reflect that culture.
    If you do not understand that, Then keep your uneducated opinions to yourself!

    Now try being empathetic and understanding, It will help you in life.

  18. Six says:

    Did you know the pic at the top..that only one of them is an Atheist? That would be Hemingway..and how did he die now?…hum…

  19. Robert says:

    I can prove one god existed…during the second world war on an inhabited island in the Pacific a fighter plane crashed after being shotdown by a Japanese fighter. The pilot died. The natives, having never had contact with the outside world or seen anything like the plane, worshipped it and the pilot as a god. That is what the Navy found when they collected the remains.

    And that's presisely why I am an athiest…because most religions came into being out of ignorance or the inability to explain things that were happening around you so you needed to make something up to explain it.

    That and the fact that most religions allow (or demand!) their followers to kill anyone else not of their faith.

  20. Bob Johnson says:

    I'm glad people noticed the errors in the poster. Franklin, Jefferson and Einstein were Deists. For Einstein's Deism visit and read Einstein by Walter Isaacson. One thing that is true about the poster is that no one pictured on it were theists.

    Progress! Bob Johnson

  21. Pavi says:

    I am amused every time a theist claims Albert Einstein was religious. This claim has been around for quite some time and yet Einstein himself denied it. He himself said he was religious until the age of twelve then no more. His opinion about the Bible was that it was a book full of stories that only children could believe.
    I can understand someone not believing in deities and yet calling himself an agnostic. In my case, not been able to prove God's nonexistence (Can you prove that unicorns don't exist?) means that both my scientific and personal honesty do not allow me to assert He does not exist. But I certainly do not believe in a Daddy in the Sky!

  22. John says:

    Actually atheists are making a claim. You are saying that no god exists at all.

    The problem with proving or disproving god, is that science can't prove or disprove god. So this whole argument is useless.

  23. bornslacker says:

    Actually only some atheists are making a claim. The claim, "There is no god" is what is called a "gnostic atheist". 99% of atheists are "agnostic atheists". They don't make the positive claim, "there is no god", they simply believe that theists have failed to make arguments to justify the belief in their god. Most atheists are simply people who are not convinced by the evidence presented. Much in the same way you're probably unconvinced by the evidence for Thor. You don't make the positive assertion that "There is no Thor", you simply lack a belief in Thor.

    It might help if you read our other article found here:

    To say that all atheists are making a claim is inaccurate.

  24. Blake says:

    Can you physically show me your brain? Therefore you don't have a brain. At the end of the day it's all about your world view, atheists are blinded by their flesh and refuse to hear the truth. It's foolish not to have faith, and to take everything for fact.

  25. craig says:

    when you all are in hell burning youll want to change your minds but it will be too late. you idiots really believe we came from one cell. you people are the real joke

  26. bornslacker says:

    That is mighty Christian of you. I'm sure Jesus would say the same.

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